Wilds Road Paving 2020-12-24


Spoil Island Habitat Protection

LMA is currently permitting erosion control and habitat enhancement for 4 spoil islands for Florida Audubon.

3 of the islands are in Pinellas County and 1 is in Manatee County

Currently looking at WADS, Reef Balls and shell bag options

2020-10-21 Dot Dash Dit – Aerial Vegetation Exhibit

2020-10-21 Dogleg Key – Aerial Vegetation Exhibit

2020-10-21 Indian Rocks Beach South – Aerial Vegetation Exhibit

2020-10-21 Dunedin Sand Key West – Aerial vegetation exhibit

Cuzin’s Vehicle Storage Construction 2020-10-9

Construction Status 2020-10-9

COVID-19 Update

LMA is considered an essential business under the recently enacted Pinellas County ordinance and is not required to shut down.

However, in the interest of the safety of our employees, the LMA office will be closed to the general public.

Only employees and delivery personnel are allowed inside the facility.

Many of our employees are working from home such that the business can remain in operation.

Email is probably the best way to contact us during this period.



Stay Safe !!!!!!!!