Wendy’s – Casselberry – Underground Stormwater Retention


The City required stormwater retention for the new Wendy’s.  Due to limited site area, an underground stormwater management system was necessary.   This project involved the installation of one hundred SC-310 ADS Stormtech Chambers under the parking lot.  An isolator row was installed that allows for maintenance using the Jet-Vac process.


Landon, Moree & Associates has successfully used underground stormwater chambers for over 2 decades on multiple projects.   These chamber come in multiple sizes and the final sizing and design of the chambers is based on multiple factors including review of soils data including the seasonal high water level and infiltration rate.

Cuzins Vehicle Storage – Largo, FL

Sea Palms Townhouse Construction

St Pete Pier Plaque Recognition

LMA was proud to be a member of the St. Pete Pier Design Team led by ASD SKI

Alafia Bank WADS Project showing positive oyster/mangrove recruitment one year later

 Sponsor:             Florida  Audubon              Contractor:        Living Shoreline Solutions

This photo is taken by AllWinner

This photo is taken by AllWinner

This photo is taken by AllWinner

This photo is taken by AllWinner

This photo is taken by AllWinner

This photo is taken by AllWinner

This photo is taken by AllWinner

This photo is taken by AllWinner

Transient Dock Construction Begins

Installation of Transient Docks adjacent to Doc Ford’s restaurant begins 2021-1-28

The project is in response to community demand for more transient docking opportunities in concert with continued revitalization efforts of the downtown waterfront corridor. The proposed transient

dock will accommodate up to 25 recreational transient vessels in a combination of slip and side tie docking arrangements; this combination allows for flexibility in both length and width of the visiting vessels. The dock configuration comprises 14 30-foot long slips and a 200-foot long dock with berthing on both sides. The dock site is in the City’s Downtown Historic District adjacent to the St. Petersburg Pier – a multi-use venue first established in the early 1900s – in the Central Yacht Basin of the City’s Municipal Marina.


Transient docks aerial



Wilds Road Paving 2020-12-24


Spoil Island Habitat Protection

LMA is currently permitting erosion control and habitat enhancement for 4 spoil islands for Florida Audubon.

3 of the islands are in Pinellas County and 1 is in Manatee County

Currently looking at WADS, Reef Balls and shell bag options

2020-10-21 Dot Dash Dit – Aerial Vegetation Exhibit

2020-10-21 Dogleg Key – Aerial Vegetation Exhibit

2020-10-21 Indian Rocks Beach South – Aerial Vegetation Exhibit

2020-10-21 Dunedin Sand Key West – Aerial vegetation exhibit